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Religion & Spirituality

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Being a Pastor or Church Leader is an amazing responsibility, but one that comes with many temptations and pitfalls.


2:22 Holidays for July 31st

8:28 Matt's Rant: Late Night Talk Shows

12:00 Mo's Rant: Lazy Landscapers

20:12 Gone with the Box Office

31:15 5 Random Facts

41:05 Let's Get Childish: Riddle Challenge

47:22 Facebook Live Bedtime Stories


01:10:59 Is it a Sin?

01:13:41 Bible Verse and Thought for the Day

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July 30, 2019

Love Believes All Things

Why do we struggle so hard to believe in others?


1:50 Movies (Show Derailed Right Away!)

8:58 Holidays for July 30th

14:00 Toplist: 5 Simple Ways to Avoid Complaining

18:35 Drug Overdoses Declined for the First Time since 1990

23:32 5 Random Facts

26:58 Christian Artist Social Media Update

38:01 Vitamin Supplements Don't Increase Your Lifespan

40:30 Love Thy Nerd's Critical Hit!! w/Hector Miray


01:08:07 11th Commandments

01:12:34 Bible Verse and Thought for the Day

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July 29, 2019

Do Good Recklessly

Is it our job to judge if someone asking for money or help deserves it or not?

1:14 Holidays for July 29th

8:18 Christianese Translations

11:17 Rent the Oscar-Meyer Wienermobile on AirBNB

17:08 5 Random Facts

27:03 Personal Recaps & Roller Coasters

44:50 Lemonade Stand was Robbed


01:03:14 Station Updates

01:08:52 Bible Verse and Thought for the Day

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July 25, 2019

Empathy Through Emojis

We're more comfortable using emojis to show emotions than actually talking about them: Is this the new norm?

03:00 - Holiday for July 25
09:52 - Onion or Not Onion
27:56 - 5 Random Facts
33:05 - Ask Us Anything
46:27 - News: GoodSAM App is Saving Lives
48:10 - Love Thy Nerd's Critical Hit!! w/Hector Miray
51:52 - MAIN TOPIC // Empathy Through Emojis
01:14:26 - Bible Verse & Thought for the Day

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What is church to you - just a Sunday morning service or an integral part of your life?

1:23 - Holidays for July 24
7:00 - Matt's Rant: Fun Games with No Single-Player Mode
11:36 - Deidra's Rant: Sonic Can't Read Her Mind
18:43 - News: Chocolate Cake for Breakfast is Great for the Waistline
23:28 - 5 Random Facts
26:28 - Let's Get Childish!: 10 Riddle Challenge
31:41 - News: Train in Ely, NV Takes You Away from Light Pollution
36:35 - MAIN TOPIC // Church: Obligation or Community?
01:07:34 - Is It a Sin?
01:10:15 - Bible Verse & Thought for the Day

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Are the Russians stealing your photos to make more bots?

2:37 - Holidays for July 23
6:47 - Toplist: 8 Tips for Overwhelmed Moms
17:00 - News: Why Older People Put 2 Spaces After a Period
21:17 - 5 Random Facts
24:38 - Catching Up with the Hosts
33:34 - News: Ice Cream for Breakfast Makes You Smarter
34:36 - Love Thy Nerd's Critical Hit!! w/Hector Miray
38:15 - MAIN TOPIC // FaceApp Scares: Gettin' Old
53:24 - 11th Commandments
57:33 - Bible Verse & Thought for the Day

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July 18, 2019

Un-Grieving the Spirit

On our 7/18/19 show: We throw it back to a classic discussion about the Inventory process and how we can keep ourselves in check each day with the #UnGrieveChallenge. Plus, news, fun facts, and more!

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On our 7/17/19 show: The VR Church is already a thing - they meet weekly, invite all, and even hold virtual Baptisms! But is this a gimmicky nonstarter? Could it be a replacement for a real life church? Do virtual Baptisms even count? We discuss all that, plus news, fun facts, and a game!

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July 16, 2019

Why Failure is a Gift

In our 7/16/19 show, we discuss how failure isn't such a bad thing in the long run. Plus, news, facts, and more! Hillary Birkey co-hosts!

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